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​Ultimate Tombs of Amascut – Gear Guide

Sep-24-2022 PST

The Amascut Tombs! As the Desert saga continues, it's time to gear up for Old School's next attack.

Do you think it's worthwhile to spend your time exploring the crypts now that Old School Runescape's third raid has officially been released? My goal with this piece is to provide a detailed rundown of the content and features available in the Tombs of Amascut, as well as an evaluation of the overall quality of the update.

Each Tomb of Amascut raid run will be different thanks to the new invocation mechanism. Prior to beginning a raid, players may choose from a variety of modifiers that increase or decrease the effectiveness of certain features of the raid. Combining invocations and their effects raises the difficulty but also rewards players with stronger and more unique items.

Players are tasked with stopping Amascut's rise to godhood in this raid, which picks up just where the mission Beneath Cursed Sands left off. There are four primary regions to explore, and you may do so in any order you choose. There are unique challenges in each region, both in terms of fighting and solving problems, both of which are unique to that area. The Tombs of Amascut may be taken on in whatever fashion the player sees fit.

Tombs of Amascut: Gear Up- Notes

Even while the Serpentine Helm is still a viable comfort option, pre-potting with an Anti-venom+ and packing Sanfew Serums dramatically increases the utility of your other helm choices.

   • The number of switches you carry into a raid depends on your experience and invocations level, but they are utilised to lower the defences of Zebak, the Warden P1 obelisk, the Warden P3, and the Warden P4 (enrage).

   • Think about lowering your gear level, camping Barrows Gloves and Torva Helm, and putting God Cape in the bank.

   • To maximise your access to Brews, Restores, and Gear, choose a route that doesn't need you to replenish your stamina and range constantly.

   • In lower-level raids, a Blue Keris may be used instead of a fang.

   • Proper usage of the Zaryte Crossbow may allow you to progress through DPS check stages and trigger specific phases quickly.

   • If you find yourself infrequently casting Blood Barrage, you may want to consider bringing Thralls and Death Charge from the Arceuus spellbook instead.

Tombs of Amascut: Gear Downgrades

   • Light-bearer > Brimstone Ring

   • Amulet of Blood Fury > Amulet of Torture > Amulet of Fury > Amulet of Glory

Your unique attack energy will recover twice as quickly thanks to the Light-bearer ring. Although there are rare circumstances in which this effect permits an additional special attack or two, which might be quite beneficial, it is always difficult to sell when the competition provides raw battle numbers, and this does not.

Tombs of Amascut: Melee

   • Osmumten’s Fang > Ghrazi Rapier > Zamorakian Hasta

   • Avernic Defender > Dragon Defender

   • Torva Helm > Neitiznot Faceguard > Serpentine Helm

   • Torva Platebody > Bandos Chestplate > Fighter Torso

   • Torva Platelegs > Bandos Tassets > Obsidian Platelegs

   • Ferocious Gloves > Barrows Gloves

   • Primordial boots > Dragon boots

The new one-handed stabbing tool for high defence foes in OS RS is called Osmumten's fang. It has two distinct passive effects:

1.Using the standard in-game methodology, its maximum hit is between 15 and 85% of its "actual maximum hit."

2.When assessing accuracy, it rolls twice and chooses the highest result.

Tombs of Amascut: Range

   • Twisted Bow > Bow of faerdhinen (c) > Armadyl Crossbow > Dragon Crossbow

   • Twisted Buckler > Nill

   • Masori Mask > God D’hide Coif > Armadyl Helmet

After the release of raid 3, Masori armour will replace Armadyl as the finest ranged armour in OSRS, which it has been since 2014. When compared to its predecessor, Armadyl, this set is much superior, having a total of 8 ranged strength vs zero. Masori is most effective when coupled with Armadyl armour, which should protect it from losing value.

Tombs of Amascut: Magic Strength

   • Tumeken's Shadow > Trident of the swamp > Sanguinesti Staff

   • Elidinis’ ward > Nill

   • Ancestral Hat > Nill

   • Ancestral Robe Top > Ahrim's Robetop > Mystic Robe Top

   • Ancestral Robe Bottom > Mystic Robe Bottom > Ahrim's Robeskirt

   • Barrows Gloves > Tormented Bracelet  

The new Tombs of Amascut-powered staff, Tumeken's Shadow, were intended to compete with previous raid boss loot like the scythe and twisted Bow. With no mage strength bonuses worn, the staff's maximum hit is 41, two more than the Sanguinesti staff, the previous best in the slot.

In addition to its impressive offensive capabilities, the Shadow's passive function triples the impact of mage accuracy and damage from your equipment. Because of this, the staff may be used everywhere a mage is a best-in-slot class. The staff's precision makes it the most fantastic option against many enemies, including the four God wars dungeon bosses.

Final Thoughts

If you've been locked in your Runescape addiction, you should definitely check out the new material and Prepare for more OSRS Gold. The tombs have been modernised to accommodate the most recent raid, making the experience more thrilling than ever before. When will you be ready? These gamers will need a few months of rest and relaxation after they raid the Tombs of Amascut, so stock up on Kleenex now.